Slow masticating juicer

  1. What is the slow masticating juicers?
The juicer is the machine with slow speed operating (it varies from 35 to 100+ rpm), often with single auger. The machine has separate juice and pulp outlet.
  1. History of Slow masticating juicers
The first time that we heard of slow masticating juicers is Korea company, Hurom, which is the originator of slow masticating juicers.
  1. What’s the benefit of slow masticating juicers?
With the benefit of slow speed operation, the juicer can keep the original taste.
Because of separate juice and pulp outlet, it ensures the pure juicer.
  1. Different types of slow masticating juicers
Horizontal or vertical model.
Judged by the size of feeding chute, it can be divided to wide one and small one.
Judged by motor, it can be in AC induction motor and DC motor.
Compact model
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Basic model
Used for fruit and vegetable, such as wheatgrass
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Whole feeding chute
operating easily without cutting the fruit.
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