what would you choose, slow juicer, table blender or hand blender?

I was often asked by my friends, what machine would they use for preparing the meal for their family?
But I just ask then what purpose is it expected? Juice, smoothie, soup, porridge, sorbet, etc.
Often there wont answer from my friend. In fact, most of them have no idea what do they need.
Let me introduce some things.
  1. Slow juicer, that is to say slow speed juicer, cool press juicer, slow masticating juicer.  It can result in pure juice, not mean only one juice, you can mix the juice in the cup when you close the outlet. The machine separate the juice from the pulp.  we can say there are only few pulp in juice.  Because of the expensive engine, the unit price is often more higher.
  2. Table Blender, it often come with the blender jar and the main body. and often it mixed the fruit or vegetable with certain liquid.  So there are still pulp in your drink, even the skin of the fruit. it maybe not be smooth as the drink resulted from slow juicer.  But there are still many people would like to use it.
  3. Stick blender, it was also called hand-held blender. The machine often have many different accessories, such as blender rod, whisk, chopper, etc.  In my opinion, it’s very easy to operate and carry on. and it’s multi purpose.
So, do you have any idea what you will choose? It’s up to what you need.